!! OMG, gossip: Rufus Wainwright put a ring on it !!

OMG, Rufus Wainwright got married! [kenneth]
Coverboy: Mika for Instinct magazine’s September issue [oh la la]
Looks like Ryan Lochte ain’t the only one — he has a dbag sister, too! [jezebel]
Kim Kardashian thinks she’s channeling Diana Ross with these photos… but really? [evil beet]
Strangely, Prince Harry never once mentions his plans to get naked with Paralympic athletes in this video about the upcoming Torch Relay [dlisted]
Katy Perry and John Mayer are officially dating! …Wait, nevermind, they already broke up [popbytes]
…Meanwhile, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s divorce is actually official [socialite life]
…….Which apparently means she’ll get $400,000 a year in child support [celebitchy]
Weekend playlist: Riahnna‘s 12 best singles [celebrity cafe]
The “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” premiere red carpet is gonna be aaaawkies [amy grindhouse]
You think you know, but: How well do you really know Joseph Gordon-Levitt? [after elton]
So this is what hulking out looks like [double viking]
You could spend “Years” watching Matthew Koma sing and still not get tired of it [arjan]
OMG, gay Bow Wow photos? [allie]
Cher should soooo be the Obama campaign’s social media manager [joe]
Whomp whomp: Looks like Rodney King was on a whole lotta drugs when he died [tabloid prodigy]
Hot guys with pets — what more do you want? [berry]
Take it from the San Francisco 49ers: It gets better [towleroad]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Rufus Wainwright put a ring on it"

  1. a wedding ring—not a c*ck ring… or both?

  2. He must have liked it

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