!! OMG, “Say No To Slo-Mo!”: DREDD 3D to return for a sequel? !!

If you loved the tripped out 3D, “Slo-Mo” drug sequences in the DREDD 3D like so many others did, you might be in for a treat! According to none other than Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban (not a country singer), there still may be hope for DREDD 2!:

Appearing at a Star Trek convention in Frankfurt, Urban said “conversations are taking place between the studio, the director and writer Alex Garland.” Evidently the film’s performance on DVD has been noticed by the studio…

I thought for how “little” they spent on on DREDD to pass it as a big budget feature, that it did a great job. The 3D was pretty good — BUT what I really wanna know is will Ma-Ma return?

DREDD just wouldn’t be the same without Ma-Ma! I’m thinking for the sequel they could get to the bottom of why Ma-Ma is so LOCO in the first place. What made her so BAD??? Was it the yoga class she missed? The orange slices she forgot in the mini-van for her kids’ soccer practice? The pink thistle they left out of her kale smoothie? Really, it could have been anything that unhinged her, and gave her that practical, get-up-n-go, hot mom flip-bob haircut!

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