!! OMG, schooled: Dustin Lance Black thinks Kirk Cameron wouldn’t survive “8” !!

Check out this interview with Dustin Lance Black from What’s Trending in which he reveals his motivations for penning “8,” the Proposition 8 courtroom docu-play that streamed live on YouTube last Saturday. Black talks about how getting George Clooney to participate kicked-off the flood of A-listers that joined the cast, including Kevin Bacon and Brad Pitt. But one actor Black’s unlikely to want in his play is Kirk Cameron. The writer answered Cameron’s recent anti-gay comments with: “I want to see him up on that stand. I want to see him tell the truth. He wouldn’t get away with those words.”
(via After Elton)

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2 Comments on "OMG, schooled: Dustin Lance Black thinks Kirk Cameron wouldn’t survive “8”"

  1. Btw .. Fuck Kirk Cameron. Loser. I will never sing ” show me that smile again (Oooohhhh show me that smile…) with the same zeal I once had. Damn dirty bastard. I live in TX but from CA and have never in my life met more people that mention “I’m conservative” before they even tell you their name.

  2. You go DLB.. I have always thought he was kind of a twat, but I cannot deny he is making strides! 🙂

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