!! OMG, screech: Pop divas…at their worst !!

Rihanna. Madonna. Gaga. Mariah. Britney. Christina. They’re all recognized giants of the pop music world — but sometimes they ain’t so great live. Case in point: this compilation of their less-than-perfect concert moments. Listen for as long as you can stand it.

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3 Comments on "OMG, screech: Pop divas…at their worst"

  1. Where’s Whitney Houston???
    They could have posted her ENTIRE NBL tour!

  2. Yes, exactly what Luminum said. These are fakes and should not be treated as worthy. I thought these were obvious and boringly well known as such. I give you more credit OMG!!

  3. Wasn’t there a video of the same concept of Beyonce last year, that was summarily proven false and then admittedly false by its distributor?
    I don’t doubt that each of these singers is capable of being this bad, but I see no evidence that all of these are genuine.

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