!! OMG, seriously? Amanda Bynes had yet another car incident !!

OMG, how many more hit-and-runs is Amanda Bynes gonna have this year?! [popbytes]
Oh right, like we really believe Ryan Lotche when he says he’s never had a one-night-stand… [jezebel]
Brad Pitt for realz needs to look into getting a hotter stunt double. Not just anyone can fill those shoes! [evil beet]
Best Halloween costume idea EVER [dlisted]
This is what Chick-Fil-A means by traditional family values, right? [kenneth]
If this is how they make construction workers in Paris …it’s time to start building more stuff in Paris [oh la la]
OMG, Danell Leyva without his clothes on! And this time, without his iPhone either [socialite life]
…And speaking of hot men of the Olympics [after elton]
Difficult to narrow down, certainly, but here are the top 10 True Blood sex scenes [celebrity cafe]
Since when is Miley Cyrus old enough to be on the cover of Marie Claire — isn’t that the magazine for, like, working women? [amy grindhouse]
Note for the future: Try not to run over cops’ toes. They don’t seem to like it very much [double viking]
This is what happens when you name your band after a street in small-town Wisconsin [arjan]
OMG, Sharon Osbourne quit America’s Got Talent [allie]
What’s the best way to get over someone? By getting under someone else, right Robert Pattinson? [celebitchy]
Aaaaand now Octomom is just plain selling herself [tabloid prodigy]

Roisin Murphy
‘s latest video is rather… stimulating [joe]
Shocking: Celebrity dogs get walked, too [berry]
Apparently the key to unlocking a person’s sexuality is all in the eyes — see, Tyra knew what she was talking about with all that smizing [towleroad]

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