!! OMG, sexiest Spanish teacher ever: Ricky Martin on ‘Glee’ !!

Eeeeeeep! Here’s a photo that (a particularly sexy-looking) Ricky Martin tweeted last night from the set of Glee. The spicy singer is reportedly playing a Spanish teacher at McKinley High and singing at least two numbers for the episode. Is it too much to hope that — as with Idina Menzel‘s character — Martin’s teacher begins an inappropriate student-teacher affair with, say, Blaine?
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5 Comments on "OMG, sexiest Spanish teacher ever: Ricky Martin on ‘Glee’"

  1. I live in Dayton/Huber Heights, Ohio. Like right where Glee supposedly takes place. So funny when they mention stuff local that I get haha.
    But I went to a high school with 2500 students. We have 2 German teachers, guessing 5 French teachers, and at least 10 Spanish teachers.
    Yes, there is a huge need for more than 1 Spanish teacher.

  2. Who give a shit about Glee. I bet Kris (Chris) probably hooked up with Ricky in his dress room. What a naive slut.

  3. This show is still on?

  4. If Will Schuester is the McKinley High School Spanish teacher, why would they need another spanish teacher. Is there really that many kids in western Ohio who want to learn Spanish that there are 2 teachers?

  5. This should be a fun episode to watch. Having Ricky’s character have a thing with Blaine is too predictable, having it be with Kurt would be the thing to do. Kurt gets shafted in almost every storyline, it’s time for us to get to see him come out on top for once, though he’s totally a bottom lol. I’m curious to see how much we see of Darren Criss since he just landed the lead role, recently vacated by Daniel Radcliffe, in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Broadway.

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