!! OMG, she can’t find her towel: Janice !!

In what could be one of the most contrived and asinine quagmires in reality television history, Janice Dickinson moves in with her models and tries to get mad for the cameras because she can’t find her towels. First victim on her tirade is Martin, a deaf ex-gay-porn-star!
As you can tell I can’t wait for this season to air.
Have you seen my baby?! Where’s my baby??? Has anybody seen my baby?!

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1 Comment on "OMG, she can’t find her towel: Janice"

  1. brilliant television. does oprah still own the oxygen network? and here’s the thing about face masks. you don’t need to slather that shit on 2″ thick worth. it cleanses your skin, not itself. jd clearly misses being on surreal life.

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