!! OMG, She Has a Blog: Lourdes Ciccone !!

Hollluuurrr thurrrrr!!!!!!!! Guess what!!!!!! Madonna “Lola” Jr. — now 13– has a blog to promote her new fashion line with Mom Madge, and while I’m sure she’s going to catch a lot of shade for sounding like somewhat of a fool (no one’s going to mistake her for wise-beyond-her-years Tavi Gevinson any time soon), I am head-over-heels in love with the unexpurgated tween realness of it all! In the blog, the littlest Material Girl weighs in on topic such as gladiator sandals (nay!), the ’80s (yay, obvs!), and “rompers” which I guess are a thing now but which I had to Google yesterday because I had no idea what they were. (I was picturing something along the lines of footie pajamas but it turns out they’re slightly different.)
While it’s great for Little Lola to discuss fashion and everything, I anxiously await future blogs in which she discusses politics, music, art and everything else. Because despite her somewhat breathless style and liberal use of exclamation points, this girl is a genius! (Oh, and her mother is Madonna!)

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10 Comments on "OMG, She Has a Blog: Lourdes Ciccone"

  1. Wow! So many negative and jealous comments! Madonna is absolutely the most beautiful and strongest women that I have ever seen. I have so much gratitude for her! Her daughter Lourdes is also beautiful and intelligent like Mama Madonna! I wish them the best!

  2. Well I just hope she doesn’t sleep her way to the top like her mom did.

  3. Every freakin’ thing Madonna ever did in her entire life was phony commercial garbage. Anyone who thinks that this giant hairy-browed rat is anything but an advertising tool for Madonna brand Inc. is probably one of those ignorant losers that bought into this phony commercial pop phenom. She is a disgrace and so are you.

  4. tonybabaloney | June 30, 2010 at 7:39 pm | Reply

    this is fake. its just some PR intern using this as a way to promote the material girl line. get real people! im sure that what she is wearing will 100% be in the new collection.

  5. This is fake, right … link is dead …

  6. I’m one of those teens from the 70’s, yea i’m 47 now and I was in my twenties during the dreaded 80’s…I look back and think my generation had it going on– the 70’s style, whether clothes or music was and still is what the teens today or trying to revive…and they are doing it and doing a damn good job at bringing our styles back….I applaud you..to madge, hang in girl,,I can see alittle madonna growing up within your daughter and thats a big plus for her, for madonna was the first woman to actually break all the barrier that held women back in the 80’s, she let everyone know, as a woman, do as you feel, do as you want and we did…madonna is very true to herself and her daughter will most likely be the same…good luck to you Lourdes, I wish you the best in all you do…

  7. Who really cares? She’s a much watered down version of Madonna, the only style she has is what she see’s in her mothers videos. What was considered style in the 80’s should really stay in the 80’s!!!

  8. Who does this little madam think she is? Here in the UK, I went up my first chimney at age 6 and now at the age of 10, I own the firm, employing hordes of pre-pubescent kids and keeping them off the streets. I’m telling you, there’s no need for black hair dye where my employees go (or slaves, as I like to call them).
    It makes me so angry when I read of these slackers who, just because they have celebrity parents, think they can wait until their teenage years before owning their own clothing line.

  9. That clinches it!
    I am now beginning all written correspondences
    with the tag “Hollluuurrr thurrrrr!!!!!!!!””

  10. It always gives me a little hope when I hear about celebrity parents setting boundaries for their children. I would not have expected a “no hair dye until 13” policy in the Ciccone household. Builds character to be denied those little crutches of self-expression at first.

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