!! OMG, She Hates Everyone: Ethel Mertz !!

“I’d love to do it, Andy, I really would, but you must understand that for all those people out there I’m still Ethel Mertz, Lucy’s next-door neighbor and the nicest woman in America, and that’s why I can still go into any dinner theater in the country and get paid $20,000 a week, because all my nice fans in their mink stoles want to see Ethel Mertz be nice. I hate being nice and I hate my fans and I hate their mink stoles. But I love making $20,000 a week anytime I want.” – actress Vivian Vance to Andy Warhol and Bob Colacello over dinner at La Caravelle in New York in 1976, on why she couldn’t star in Warhol’s movie Bad.

[Via WOW Report]

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