!! OMG, she looks like her mom: Lourdes !!

Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon is looking more and more like her mom Madonna every day. Just look at those eyebrows! (via WOW Report)

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9 Comments on "OMG, she looks like her mom: Lourdes"

  1. damn people..leave her eyebrows alone! she’s too young to be thinking abt plucking eyebrows..she’s very pretty!!

  2. She’s definitely Madge v.2. Good for her if that means she grows up to be as beautiful as her mother.

  3. Its surprsing her mother hasn’t told her about tweezers yet…

  4. pluck that girl!
    she’s so cute but that brow is just a bit much.

  5. she looks like her father too! that’s where those dark brows and soulful eyes come from…whatever happened to him?

  6. Same moustache, too!

  7. she totally has the most amazing eyes and eyelashes!

  8. She is beautiful but Madonna, come on! Help her out with that Unibrow!!!

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