!! OMG she sings: Sarah Jessica Parker !!

Sitting at home on Saturday night with Anderson (yes, not only am I working on Frank’s blog, but I’m also taking care of his pretty kitty), a full pizza, a bag of Rocky Road cookies, and a glass of water (cause I’m healthy), I stumbled upon a movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker from 1983 called “Somewhere, Tomorrow”. You know it’s a good movie when the last lines spoken are the same as the title.
It’s about a girl (Parker) who falls in love with a (cute) ghost. I had nothing better to do so I watched the whole damn movie, and was rewarded with a lovely serenade from Mrs. Ferris Bueller at the end. If you can make it through the whole thing without letting your jaw drop I’ll give you the rest of my Rocky Road cookies. Okay there are none left.
I love how the old people look like they haven’t been paid enough to pretend to care.

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7 Comments on "OMG she sings: Sarah Jessica Parker"

  1. C’mon Patrick, don’t be hatin’…SJP isn’t ugly at all, especially not now. I think she looks cute in this clip. ^_^ And she has a very nice voice as well.

  2. People forget how seriously unfashionable and dorky this woman was before SATC.
    I laugh every time I see how self-aware she is on red carpets and just how hard she tries to be this fashion icon.
    Looks like a snake to boot.

  3. I did see Ms. Parker in the Broadway production of Once Upon a Mattress. She was good! I also watched her in Square Pegs….I know, I’m dating myself.

  4. SJP was also Annie on Broadway. Her roots are in musical theater.

  5. How can such a beautiful voice come out of such an ugly thing?

  6. “cause I’m healthy”
    LoL … totally made my day

  7. She was also in Once Upon a Mattress on Broadway. Beautiful voice =)

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