!! OMG, she won: Jennifer Hudson !!

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I’ve already come to terms with the fact that I will never get back the five hours I spent watch the Academy Awards last night, but there are two things that made it all worth it (maybe):
1. Ellen Degeneres. She is a genius.
2. Jennifer Hudson won “Best Supporting Actress”! Her acceptance speech actually made me tear up. We need more of that, and less of smug, chubby screenwriters mumbling at the podium about what drugs they are on. Oh, and more Catherine Deneuve, too. We need her.

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11 Comments on "OMG, she won: Jennifer Hudson"

  1. Fat people shouldn’t win Oscars. It just encourages them.

  2. Rocco..Just because her sister is a “lesbian” doesn’t mean she is supportive. (Think Cheney and his daughter). Anytime a celebrity makes comments about the gay community like “sinners” and “what it says in the Bible — it is” it makes it OK for others to continue with these comments. If I was to say that because of her skin color she is a “sinner” or “what it says in the Bible – you may purchase male or female slaves”(Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)I would be considered racist…By the way on her website under “press” she doesn’t included the gay magazines she was featured in and she never answered the question about same gender marrage.

  3. ANy of the others deserved the Oscar more then she did. Everyone got caught up on the whole, America dumped her !!on A/Idol.
    J/Holiday performed those songs better and with more feeling.
    Even the new woman on Idol has better range then Hudson. Of course now her future has been secured! Sigh.

  4. Helen Mirren was fabulous as ‘The Queen’ and was very deserving of her Oscar, as well.

  5. Check your information before you make a comment. Why would Jennifer Hudson not be supportive of the gay community. Her sister is a “Lesbian”. Did you know that? Stop commenting on things that your reading in inquirer and read up her web site for yourself. What do you expect her to do to be supportive, jump up and down for you?

  6. jennifer hudson…THUMBS UP!

  7. If you say so, considering she was aboout 4th in line behind the others who deserved it more.

  8. I agree, Ellen was awesome! i also liked that Little Miss Sunshine won a couple of awards.

  9. She is a fat whore that didn’t deserve the Oscar. That movie was not that great. She has an ego bigger that her gut which is pretty impressive if you think about it.

  10. It seems like everyone is forgetting that Jennifer Hudson is a jesus freak homophobe.
    After making the movie and working with all kinds of gays, she said she doesn’t approve of the gay lifestyle.
    I really want to like her, but I just can’t.

  11. Question from one gay man to another….Why are some gay men so into Jennifer? She hasn’t been very supportive.

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