!! OMG, she’s a brand: RuPaul !!

Martha. Oprah. *RuPaul.
*Is she the next big female branded self?
I certainly hope so, especially if it means that over-tanned canned soup huckster Rachael Ray is knocked off the list. (via WOW Report)
OK this is actually a joke, though the reality is almost as good.

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3 Comments on "OMG, she’s a brand: RuPaul"

  1. Hilarious. If it really had been Ru, he would have picked something A-line to flatter, instead of making the hair so big just to balance out the hips. Of course it had to be the tragic tranny “I still have a small waist” Tyra Banks.

  2. Frank,if Tyra finds out you’re messing with her cover shot it aint gonna be pretty.

  3. This is photoshopped, the real article was about an even bigger tranny named Tyra.

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