!! OMG, she’s a pundit: Janeane Garofalo !!

Oh man I knew there was something special about Janeane ever since Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, but I didn’t know she was this special! Watch the video of her completely putting John Fund to shame in a debate about Sarah Palin.
And for a special treat, re-watch Tina Fey’s brilliant embodiment of Palin from this past weekend’s SNL after the jump.
Janeane vid via BAD-SHAPE.

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16 Comments on "OMG, she’s a pundit: Janeane Garofalo"

  1. you people crack me up, i stated my opinion, not once calling anyone names, assuming any of you were crazy or any negative respones to anyone for that matter. makes me wonder the maturity levels of the people responding with 3rd grade name calling. b.t.w. Hillary is not stupid, she knows how many of your supporters ARE NOT voting for that joke obama, she also knows if McCain wins(and he will) that she will be PRATICALLY HANDED the NOMINATION in 2012, so again, i have to yawn, and say, “see ya in 4yrs.” Enjoy your day, haters : )

  2. Hey, schramm, back off.
    I voted for Hillary in the primaries–but it doesn’t mean I’m going to make the f***ed up decision to vote for McCain in the general election.
    I felt Hillary stood more in alignment with my stance on the issues plus she had more experience.
    Just because some Hillary supporters are insane doesn’t mean they all are.

  3. Janeane is fabulous! I’ve always loved her. She is always funny.
    And don’t even get me started on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. haha. They are the bee’s knees.

  4. Somehow I don’t like the idea people like Rebster read the same blogs I do.
    Again “see ya in 4 years”? You are ridiculous.
    If I had more time I would love to pick at the mentality of so many self loathing masochistic gay men who have some blinded, fucked up Oedipus complex for Hilary Clinton (need a hug?) instead of simply focusing on much needed changes in the White House.
    I can’t help but imagine gay men who have any inkling to vote McCain suffer from some serious religious damage and are struggling to be gay and Christian. Read the Old Testament! Read Richard Dawkins. Get over it!
    It exists, and any woman who would be swayed by Palin simply because she is a woman is what Bill Maher would lovingly call a ‘dumb person’.

  5. Janeane blew my socks off. That woman is WELL READ, WELL VERSED and just simply smart as hell.
    She should be Vice President.

  6. As much as I would like a Democrat to win the next election, I have a feeling that Obama will lose for the same reasons democrats have lost the past two. Knee Jerk lefties (I’m much more centered) choose to call the opponents and the voters “stupid” and “unqualified” while completely neglecting to tout the qualifications of the Democrat candidates. It just comes across as bratty. I truly wish that Obama, himself very unqualified, had chosen a more impressive running mate. One that isn’t a dinosaur with a 35 year unimpressive career as a bureaucrat. How does that signify his ability to affect change? Once the venom starts to fly from the Republicans, and you can bet they’re just sitting back for now, I have a feeling the election is going to be over for the Democrats. Is Nader running this year? ‘Cause I’ll vote for him.

  7. Rebster, I still think your argument fails.
    “Experience” is just a ten dollar word touted by both campaigns in hopes of cheapening the others’ image. Being President is going to be completely different than what either McCain or Obama has done. It’s where they stand on the issues that’s important.
    So what if McCain has more experience? He has more experience screwing people over! LGBT persons, women, racial and religious minorities, and middle class citizens will all fall victim to another disastrous presidency if he wins. So I guess the more experienced McCain is, the harder he can screw you.
    Whoever said you sound like you’re voting for McCain to spite Obama is right.
    Good to know you have a strong enough intellect to choose the candidate that stands on issues you agree with rather than the candidate that uses not-even-that-fancy-rhetoric.
    Sheesh. If McCain wins, it’s people like you I’m going to get to blame for our country falling apart. The Hillary rumors have not in the slightest been confirmed, and even if McCain wins, you’re going to have to hope that this country stays alive long enough during his impending disaster of a presidency to be able to vote for her IF she should choose to run.

  8. they have the same experience,obama & Palin, which i noticed no one else mentioned. at least McCain has experience, of which i will say obama has none, his voting record sucks and yawn, see ya in 4 yrs. on Hillarys Bandwagon. b.t.w. i am not losing my house or anything, i am not dumb enough to get an adjustable rate loan, which is the type of loans that caused the housing crisis. so no sympathy for stupid people.

  9. At the State Convention with the nomination a foregone conclusion, the Obama delegates wanted to know why Hillary had not conceded and wondered why she was interfering with the unity of the party.
    I asked them what Obama should do to unite the party. “Hillary does not deserve anything, especially the VP spot!”
    I did not say that. I said, “What should Obama do to keep her constituency (50%) with the democrats”. The rear view mirror will get you 20/20, but not the Oval office.
    The SNL skits get better as politics sink lower. I love Tina and Amy. Would Palin protect an unborn fetus if its sexuality could be proven? We have two poor choices Where is Gore?

  10. It is refreshing to know that the people ( the demographic ) that is projected to vote for Mc Cain/ Palin are the same people that are LOSING their homes, losing their Jobs and their sons and daughters to a pointless war.If they want this administration let them… I Say they deserve it.They deserve to PRAY for a better economy.They deserve to pray for better weather.If they really believe in what is being fed to them every election that Roe V. Wade will be over turned so be it…This Moral convenience that the Right has been feeding this people since the Reagan years is laughable, I have to say they have been patient waiting.If they think Palin is the answer let them.As long as they stay away from my state I am cool…

  11. Rebster, what a Maverick position you’ve carved out for yourself!
    Also, stupid!

  12. I don’t understand your logic? It sounds like you are voting McCain simply out of spite for Obama – instead of for your BEST INTERESTS – which makes no sense?
    Besides has Hilary Clinton ever confirmed she is running again 2012? The only gossip is that the Markham group bought a URL HCR2012.com, and some left over funding was set aside for 2012. Besides hunkering down, as you put it, under McCain/Palin for the next four years sounds like the worst decision you or any American could make at this point.

  13. john fund is a fuqn loser lol he’s arrogant.
    jeanane should run for president or vice president…sarah palin is a hottie but doesnt mean shes qualified?? if the republican party fix this election like the last few, america will be brought to the ground once and for all by its own.
    all the women in denial and do a their husbands say will vote for sarah…she’s hopeless
    that’ll be a huge shame!

  14. I applaud rebster for finally making me understand the log cabin republican mentality:
    //i know that McCain and Palin have NONE of my BEST INTERESTS in thier agenda […]so i am voting McCain//
    Apparently to get his vote, Obama has to run on a platform that is detrimental to rebster’s best interests. Wow.

  15. Tina Fey is so rad.
    For an even better Janeane video from 2003 where she made an ill advised appearance on FOX News in opposition of the war – it’s pretty awesome, she rips Brian Kilmeade a new asshole.

  16. i know that McCain and Palin have NONE of my BEST INTERESTS in thier agenda, but Palins experience pretty much matches obamas. so i am voting McCain, hunkering down for the next 4 yrs. and then backing Hillary when she runs again 2012. obama is a joke and should never have made it this far.

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