!! OMG, she’s been claimed: Princess Chunk !!

The big white 44-pound ball of love named Princess Chunk was lost in New Jersey on Saturday, but has now been reunited with her mommy. Thank goodness. (Thanks to Michael C. for the tip!)
UPDATE: It turns out the “mommy” in the photo is actually just the shelter volunteer and Princess Chunk is still up for adoption. However, she is also becoming quite the celebrity. With upcoming appearances on The Today Show and Regis and Kelly, I’m sure our fair damsel will have a home in no time!

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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s been claimed: Princess Chunk"

  1. Why would you figure the fattest cat is from NJ, you ass?! Fuckin dickhead…

  2. you should check the facts before blogging…
    “She’s built like a quarterback,” said Deborah Wright, a shelter volunteer and current foster owner of the kitty. “I mean, how do you lose a 44-pound cat?!”
    the cat hasn’t been claimed it’s just living with a shelter volunteer.

  3. How could that fat cat even walk away and get lost? It probably took hours to walk 1/2 block.
    Figures the fattest cat ever is from NJ.

  4. How could you lose a cat that fucking huge?

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