!! OMG, she’s flawless: Ivy Queen !!

Besides having the best tacos in Toronto, I love going to Rebozo’s to watch all the hot trannie messes on Mexican MTV. Ivy Queen is my current favorite after seeing her video at dinner the other night. Watch her perform her hit song “Dime,” which I believe means “creamy pearl necklace” in Spanish.

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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s flawless: Ivy Queen"

  1. ummm yes agree with latest comment; she’s Puerto Rican 😛
    and duuuude where have you been Ivy Queen’s been off the chain for years. She’s remarkable. I watched an interview of she was in once and she is VERY pro-gays and the men that dress as her.
    Also to the first commenter: she hasn’t had face surgery, I’ve seen her when she was much younger. She’s just Puerto Rican –> higher cheekbones.

  2. She is a real woman. Born female. But a tough cookie. And by the way she isn’t Mexican.

  3. I also wonder if she is trans. But usually not for very long.
    I really like her music a lot; she’s just about the only reggaeton artist whose music I’ve actively sought.

  4. I’ve always thought and still do that she is/was a man. but i wouldn’t want to fuck with her, she looks like she aint afraid to break a nail across your face.

  5. Super gross. That face surgery is a Joan Rivers-esque mess, and those NAILS!! come the hell on!

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