!! OMG, she’s got somethin to say! Florrie Fisher !!

I had heard of this woman being the inspiration for Amy Sedaris’ Strangers With Candy character Jerri Blank, but I’d never seen it until today. Can you imagine being a kid in the sixties and going to listen to this woman speak? Amazing. And there are lines ripped word-for-word from this and used in Strangers With Candy.
See the rest of Florrie’s speech plus another version of Jerri Blank after the jump.

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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s got somethin to say! Florrie Fisher"

  1. Yeah, Justin. What he said.
    AND, I wouldn’t take about strength with Florrie there. I bet she could whip your ass with a peace symbol and leave you in the schoolyard while all the others cheered.
    Now go shove some pie in that hole of yours.

  2. @Justin – I am amazed that in 2009 there is still someone who believes addiction is equal to ‘lack of willpower’ or ‘weakness’. There is scientific study after study that conclusively prove that the changes occur in the brain of an addict when mind altering substances are used. (here’s just one example – google for more: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/54243.php)
    I’m glad that you are not one of those people who have a medical condition that causes them to lose control of their use, however don’t put down or judge those of us who do have this condition.

  3. the expression on the faces of the kids is totally priceless.

  4. No, I can’t imagine being a kid listening to this woman in the sixties, because I would have to stand up politely and excuse myself – “Ms. Fisher – although you may be an addict, I’ve done the same drugs myself on many occasions. Acid, H, X (did you even have this then?), Weed, and Coke. I’m perfectly healthy, not an addict, work full time and go to school full time. Some of us have ambition and will power, even if you do not.”
    If you can’t deal, then don’t. But don’t assume we’re all the same. Some people are stronger than others.

  5. The very best part is in the second video at 4:02.
    “I was thrown from a horse and I had a laminectomy and I ended up in the San Francisco General Hospital. I was operated on by the same doctor who operated on the late Jayne Mansfield’s son Zoltan when he was mauled by the lion. Well while I was there they brought in a straight-B student– 21-year-old girl from the University of Southern California. She was part negro, part Spanish and part Indian, and believe me she had the beauty of all three! Well when I saw her she was in the psychiatric ward– she had taken a trip on LSD and it was devastating. They committed her to the psychiatric ward on the sixth floor. One of her college buddies came to visit her and brought her a cube of sugar which had LSD in it and she decided to escape. The avenue of escape she used was to go out the sixth floor window… I found out since that they fused her spine and her neck and she will always be stiff, but it doesn’t matter because she is a RAVING MANIAC AND HER PROGNOSIS IS NIL!!!

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