!! OMG, She’s Happy For You! !!

I’ve been saying since at least the year 2000 that what Britney Spears needs to do to be relevant again is enlist a bunch of serious songwriters, learn how to fake-play the guitar like Madonna, and bust out with a vicious disco-rock album about how f*cking pissed off she is at everyone in the world, particularly men who have done her wrong.
Nearly a decade later, Brit seems to finally be taking a small step toward following my advice, with this (legitimately) live cover of Alanis Morrisette/Glenn Ballard’s primal ladyscream YOU OUGHTA KNOW, which she performed this weekend in Greensboro. (Why didn’t she do this when I saw her in March?)
The audio in the above video suxxxxxx– hopefully a better recording will surface soon– but I think she actually sounds pretty great anway. Now if she would start doing an disco version of Violet I would totally be on board.
(Via ohnotheydidn’t, thanks to EDG for the tip.)

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3 Comments on "OMG, She’s Happy For You!"

  1. The vid I took Sat. night has good audio:

  2. That doesn’t mean that what she’s doing is RELEVANT…it means that people have shit taste and will settle willingly for the drech she puts out.

  3. “what Britney Spears needs to do to be relevant again”….are You fucking crazy!???….so you can have a number one song, number one album, number one tour, and be the number one most searched person on the internet… yet still be ‘irrelevant’….

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