!! OMG, she’s hawking couches: Cindy Crawford !!

And tacky couches at that! Why didn’t she just do a headband line? Cause I really don’t know if the world needs another overstuffed leather couch.
Click HERE and HERE to see commercials for her exclusively Canadian furniture. Damn we’re lucky.

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3 Comments on "OMG, she’s hawking couches: Cindy Crawford"

  1. Furniture is not the only thing she sells… But at least she’s not hard-core like Kathy Ireland when it comes to furniture.

  2. She’s been hawking furniture here in Eastern US for years at Raymour and Flannigan… a pretty middle class type of furniture store. Here stuff is a little tacky. Her big thing is denim furniture. Just what I want.

  3. I dont know whats exclusive about that stuff…shes been hawking it in the States for YEARS. And at Rooms to Go no less. Its cheap crap…Im a little surprised she would attach her name to such bargain basement junk.

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