!! OMG, she’s old: Oksana Baiul !!

Former darling of the figure skating world Oksana Baiul has had it rough for the last nine years since her 1997 drunk driving accident and subsequent rehab. I actually have no idea what she has been doing except aging. See a couple more photos of poor Oksana looking creased and weary after the jump.

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And just for fun:
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4 Comments on "OMG, she’s old: Oksana Baiul"

  1. She was thirty in these photos. Thirty is not old. 30 is the new 20 didn’t you know? I don’t see her face full of wrinkles & bags. I don’t know why you hate her. Her true story would make one excellent feature film or mini series. I doubt it would be rated PG though. She’s the classic tale of immigrant orphans fights poverty, abandonment & death on her way to Olympic gold. She is banned from the Olympics. She Comes to America to thundering applause & packed audiences. She is deeply resented, even hated for her fame by colleagues who will stop at nothing to tear her down & take her place. A naive, innocent teenager left to fend for herself amongst a world of cutthroat adults. She is eventually, debased & corrupted. Yet, she still holds on to her soul. The road is littered with backstabbers, violent villains, abusers, users, & shady characters. Naive & immature Baiul finds herself pushed through the wringer. Suffering a nervous breakdown at the age of 21. She soldiers on & continues to work having to pull her own weight since age 12. No husbands, no sponsors, or wealthy admirers. She has to make it alone & survive. All she wanted from America & skating was love & acceptance but what she got was a jungle.

  2. i wore that same outfit last night to dinner at the olive garden. she doesn’t have the large gut to carry it off like i did. the waiters loved it, they were giving me free salad all night.

  3. oh, i’d still lick that…she was my first wet in the crotch, week in the knees crush growing up!

  4. i’d still hit it….

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