!! OMG, out-Gaga-ing Gaga: Daphne Guinness debuts new music video in collaboration with David LaChappelle and Nick Knight !!

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Does Daphne Guinness‘ music hurt my ears? Yes — does her video look good — yes! Does it sort of sound like a Disney villain forced to sing in a Baz Luhrmann film? Yes. Check out Daphne Guiness snatching Gaga‘s pop costume crown like a pterodactyl below!

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7 Comments on "OMG, out-Gaga-ing Gaga: Daphne Guinness debuts new music video in collaboration with David LaChappelle and Nick Knight"

  1. Agree with Steinway and would like to add this video, as well as everything Gaga does, is ripped off from the Glam Rock period of the 70s, nothing new. Inspiration is when you are influenced by someone else’s work to create something unique and new of your own. Gaga is not inspired, she has blatantly ripped off everyone from David Bowie to Madonna to Dale Bozzio to Grace Jones to Leigh Bowery (and the list goes on and on) and served it up with forgettable pop garbage even Britney Spears rejected at one point. Her mindless followers think is genius because they’re too lazy to do the research and see how they’re being fed regurgitated crap. And no, I’m not a Gaga hater, I’m just calling it like it is because I don’t buy into public relations hype nor do I care to fit in with her “little monsters” (i.e.: the affected, clueless twink drones which makes up her fan base).

  2. Amazing visuals! Hard to look away. But the voice!? Was she going for a Marlene Dietrich sound? I thought the production values were good. Called up some Flash Gordon imagery.

  3. terrible. obviously she was going for an elton bowie esque song but the lyrics and her delivery are bad. feels and look forced. ironically this forced self indulgent vibe in her video matches her personality on real life…. not a fan

  4. I’ve never heard of this person but she’s trying much too hard. She’s apparently British. The bad style gives it away.

  5. such a clueless empty post. Lady Gaga modeled herself after Guinness and buys Daphne guinness’s old clothes. so predictable that the trash talkers come out iin force but took the bait.

  6. I kept waiting for the perfume she was selling.

  7. why not just post a lene lovich video instead? that’s who she’s cribbing from.

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