!! OMG, shockingly candid: Rihanna’s tear-filled Oprah interview !!

Rihanna‘s nothing-held-back interview with Oprah paints a heartbreaking portrait of a young woman not only reeling from a violent experience with her then-boyfriend, but being forced to do so in the middle of a media storm. Despite her hanger, Rihanna says she felt concern over who would be there to take care of Chris Brown, who she described as her best friend. Makes you want to watch the whole interview, right?

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4 Comments on "OMG, shockingly candid: Rihanna’s tear-filled Oprah interview"

  1. I’d be really more concerned about the guy trying to push me out of a moving vehicle as well. I mean what did I do to ruin his day and cause such a reaction? Who cares if I end up human jello on the side of the road, it’s all good.

  2. No, not really… 😉

  3. Yeah. It’s not doormat-like at all for victims of domestic violence to sweep their own suffering under the rug and instead worry about the perpetrators…
    I’m glad I don’t have a daughter. A role model she ain’t.

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