!! OMG, Sir Elton John doesn’t think the gay community cares enough about HIV these days !!

Sir Elton John spoke at an HRC dinner in Washington, DC this past weekend with his partner David Furnish and he used the speech as a way to call out gays who aren’t looking after their health by getting tested or getting tested often enough.

“This is the critical moment in our fight, and so many of us don’t seem to care. Even in our own community. Especially in our own community. Only 30 percent of gay and bisexual men have had an HIV test in the past year.”

Elton says that not only do gay men not get tested, but that over 60% don’t even discuss HIV with their doctor, and made a point of arguing that just because HIV is not a death sentence anymore does not mean we should ignore it and that it still remains to be an epidemic.

“No one’s going to save us but ourselves. It’s on us to put an end to HIV.”

We agree with Elton. There definitely needs to be a resurgence in education about safe sex among younger folks, and a class review for people of any age. The conversation needs to continue to happen. We think it’s great that Elton is using his fame to address something that effects such a large part of the community, and not to mention his work with The Elton John AIDS Foundation. For more information on his work there check out ejaf.org!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Sir Elton John doesn’t think the gay community cares enough about HIV these days"

  1. Elton is a sellout and should stop pretending to care about other gays – playing at Limbaugh’s wedding and for Putin’s Russia shows he cares more about money than other gays

  2. I agree completely with what Sir Elton John has stated regarding HIV. I also have a problem with the gay porn industry and the promotion of bare back video productions. It simply conveys the wrong idea about safe sex. HIV is not gone and even with treatment (not a death sentence) has destroyed lives and left too many people in a miserable condition. The entire LGBT community, including related businesses, must all remain vigilant and continue to reduce the spread of this illness.

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