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!! OMG, Japan has a law requiring sterilization of transgender citizens !!

Human Rights Watch is furious over a new national policy in Japan that demands the sterilization of transgender people. Chilling new details:

HRW released an 84-page report this week criticizing the legal criteria for applying for a legal change of gender. The law states that at least two doctors must diagnose a patient with gender identity disorder. Patients must also have no children, be single and over the age of 20. In a perplexing addendum, however, the law also demands that patients cannot have functioning genitals.

HRW has slammed the requirement for sterilization to receive legal recognition for gender transition. Kanae Doi, director of HRW, Japan said in a statement “Japan should uphold the rights of transgender people and stop forcing them to undergo surgery to be legally recognized.”

The new report also provides a number of testimonials from transgender Japanese individuals. “It is humiliating,” one transgender man reported. “The surgery requirement itself feels wrong. It feels a lot like a surgery to maintain order. Why do we have to put a scalpel through our healthy bodies just for the sake of the country’s order?”

So awful and terrifying! This is a total violation of human rights and should be repealed ASAP!

[iva Queerty]

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!! OMG, whoopsies! Drone footage reveals hundreds of abandoned and unfinished Turkish chateaux !!

Little boxes on the hilltop… little boxes made of ticky tacky!

These Turkish houses, which are being built in the style of mini French chateaux, are all three storeys tall with a round corner turret and a square tower above their entrances and resemble DISNEY’S DYSTOPIAN NIGHTMARE! They are closely arranged on 324-square-metre plots on a rural site near the town of Mudurnu, as can be seen in the footage. Before it filled for bankruptcy the developer had completed 587 houses in the development, with the chateaux sold for $370,000 to $530,000!

At the centre of the development a large classical domed building is also under construction. This building is intended to be the communal centre of the complex and will contain shops, cinemas, restaurants, conference halls, small meeting rooms, and a nursery. It is also planned to house fitness facilities and include a Turkish baths, saunas, steam rooms, and an aqua park, while basketball courts, tennis courts, and football pitches would be built alongside it.

Time to buy a plane ticket and a generator? North America is so EXPENSIVE these days! Check out the inceedible drone footage of the ghost town after the jump!


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!! OMG, Gillette’s inspiring new toxic masculinity ad asks: “Is this the best a man can get?” !!

Brilliant ad, but not surprising that men are down-voting it in on Youtube in the hundreds of thousands… A bit of butt-hurt, maybe!? Check out the new Gilette commercial above!

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!! OMG, Parents discover Kinder Egg toys with ‘Donald Trump hair’ holding ‘KKK balloons’ !!

The KKK took my Kinder away!?

The makers of Kinder Surprise eggs have apologised to horrified parents after toys their children were given inside the chocolate treats were branded with the letters ‘KKK’. One mother said she was left ‘feeling sick’ after noticing the letters had been painted onto three balloons being held by a Kinder character, the same letters to identify notorious white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan.

Find the toys in question after the jump. Thoughts!? Honest mistake or subliminal Nazi messaging for children?!


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!! OMG, National Geographic releases trailer for first nature horror series by ‘Walking Dead’ creators !!

The folks behind The Walking Dead are branching out – no pun intended! Their new National Geographic show DEAD BY DAWN takes nature footage and presents it as horror! What happens after sundown is most terrifying in the wild. Check out the trailer above!

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