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!! OMG, an old-school Canadian children’s PSA is revived in the age of COVID-19 !!

Award-winning Vancouver director Jeremy Brown has a message he wants to get out there: “Stay in your f**king house!”

He’s released a Public Service Announcement on YouTube which is a humourous take on a Canadian classic from the now-defunct Concerned Children’s Advertisers.

Reviving a Canadian after-school classic for the fight against COVID-19! Check it out above!

!! OMG, Quarantined Italians send a message to themselves 10 days ago: What they wish they knew then !!

So, Italy seems to have gotten the worst of this Coronavirus deal so far outside of China, and Italians there have shared a video telling the world to STAY THE FUCK HOME and not risk infecting others, as you may very well be asymptomatic.

They also share a message of hope and love and compassion! Check out what they have to stay above. And if you have yet to research the virus – do yourself and OTHERS a favour, even if you feel fine and – read up on that shit!

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