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!! OMG, presented with disgust: Trump’s new ‘America First’ logo seems frighteningly familiar !!

If you think the reoccurring symbolism and code of a Nazi and fascist past are just coincidence as you see things keep appearing in the Trump campaign’s promotional material, then you’ve truly been brainwashed!

The new logo featured on his re-election campaign’s t-shirt is the latest in Nazi symbolism being used to signal his racist following. Oh, and not to mention ‘America First’ was/is also a common KKK mantra.

!! OMG, WATCH: The uncensored library is built in Minecraft !!

Reporters Without Borders, MediaMonks and DDB set to create in Minecraft a space dedicated to the freedom of the press, and exposing press censorship. Building a giant library inside Minecraft which contains censored journals and articles, banned in several countries, thus bypassing press censorship in oppressive regimes.

24 builders from 16 countries collaborated to create the huge virtual library, which houses information on all 180 countries in the press freedom index, as well as special exhibition halls on 5 countries notorious for their press censorship: Russia, Vietnam, Mexico, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, honoring journalists who have been silenced. It is hosted on a server, allowing anyone from around the world to visit, regardless of censorship in their respective countries.

It houses several sculptures depicting the power of information for all the people. So cool! Check out the video above!

!! OMG, Cuomo to red-state governors seeing COVID-19 surges: ‘You played politics with this virus and you lost’ !!

Since half of the states and the commander-in-chief would rather kill off hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people in order to give the economy a small momentary boost, they’ve began to see a HUGE uptick in COVID cases across the red states which flat-out ignored the science.

New York governor Cuomo, who oversaw the deaths of thousands of people in his own state, decided he was the one to make this critique.

!! OMG, accent expert reviews British accents in Movies, from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ to ‘Maleficent’ with Vanity Fair !!

Accent expert and actor Amy Walker breaks down British accents by American actors in movies including ‘Maleficent,’ ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ ‘The Iron Lady,’ ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby,’ ‘The Parent Trap,’ ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘Imagine Me & You.’ Check out her take above!

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