!! OMG, so badass: Heart !!

Even though this column is a joke from The Stranger, it’s still amazing and I’m sure approximates Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson’s real feelings about John McCain and his thievery of their song “Barracuda.” Click to enlarge and read.

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3 Comments on "OMG, so badass: Heart"

  1. Even better? Ann and Nancy covering Zepellin’s “Battle of Evermore” in concert and nailing it or “Mistral Wind” in the rain with them dancing like wild cats or the song “Love Alive”. Great memories, great music, great shows, back in the day when bands put out volumes of great music and two faced politicians were not arguing about what to do with $700 billion dollars more of OUR money!

  2. So you post the spoof at the top, THEN tell us its a joke. Not cool. While some things seemed a bit too far to be real, how great if they had said all that. Then any hope they really said that dashed. You know, you don’t need to trick/deceive your readers in order to entertain.


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