!! OMG, so cute, so dumb: Ryan Lochte is terrible at interviews !!

And if we’re talking about ripped bods in pools, I have to admit that this BuzzFeed mashup of Ryan Lochte interviews is changing my mind about the American swimmer. Nothing quite so unattractive as having bricks for brains…

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  2. A Girl Named Sue | August 3, 2012 at 1:26 am | Reply

    STS, Lochte isn’t egotistical? What do you call wearing a $25,000 grill to your medal ceremony? Or saying this year’s Olympics is “your time” (despite the fact that top athletes from all over the world are competing) and that everyone’s going to be talking about you? Or having a pair of lime green sneakers bedazzled with your name on them? Or saying Ryan Lochte defines Ryan Lochte?
    I mean, honestly. Sometimes I think being good looking gives you a pass for every poor quality you have in this world. It reminds me of that 30 Rock episode with Jon Hamm.

  3. He’s got an adoreable charm that is undeniable. A nice change from the usually more egotistical athletes.

  4. Reminds of the Julie Brown song “I like ’em big & stupid.” 😉

  5. Well, what do you expect from someone who would place those ugly veneers over his teeth? Regardless, he pretty much only grunts in my fantasies

  6. when calling somebody dumb it’s probably best to spell their name correctly

  7. Phillip, how did you get past his douchetacular $25k grill at his medaling ceremony? 😉
    Check into US divers Kristian Ipsen and Troy Dumais. Both gorgeous and both set off my gaydar and for once in my life I didn’t think it was wishful thinking.

  8. Hilarious! You made my day b/c my partner is all drooly for him.

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