!! OMG, so good it hurts: ‘Midnight City’ !!

I was jammin’ HARD to this song by M83 this morning on the subway. I scanned the train car thinking to myself These people have no idea how much awesome is happening in my ears right now. Suckahs. But even better than the track for “Midnight City” is the Fleur & Manu-directed video, which pays homage to Village of the Damned and Close Encounters of the Third Kind…and (unwittingly) this movie I was obsessed with as a kid called On Our Own. If you can still find a VHS copy, you’re a lucky, lucky person.

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3 Comments on "OMG, so good it hurts: ‘Midnight City’"

  1. OMG! On Our Own! I even remember the uber-homo theme song to that movie!!!
    “Hold on! (Hold on!)
    We’re on our own
    We can make it together.”
    Am I the only one that dreamed of filling the front of their shirt with coins and running around the neighborhood after that movie?

  2. OH MY GOD.
    On Our Own?! I LOVED that movie. Like you, I was obsessed. Totally and completely. AND, I found a DVD copy of it a few years back on eBay. I’m now the proud owner of it.
    Also, this song (and album) is just pure awesome.

  3. Oh definitely, great new song by M83,
    but I’m still hooked on Saturdays=Youth.
    That whole album is just AMAZING!!!

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