!! OMG, So Many Outfits: New Lady Gaga Video !!

Lots of crazy outfits! Dancing around! Weird cyborg-vampires! It must be the new Lady Gaga video! ENJOY. Or don’t! I mean, see if I care!
(Thanks Kevin!)

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5 Comments on "OMG, So Many Outfits: New Lady Gaga Video"

  1. Amazing!
    Love the video!
    If you don’t “get it” nobody is gonna sit and explain it to ya, just focus on Ri-Ri or Christina Uglyera or some other obvious poptart with no passion.
    The rest of us will be on “Mz.Gaga’s wild ride” See ya…..

  2. She may be a talented lyricist; but musically this song is nothing more than a second-rate variation of “Poker Face”. But I’ve already bagged on her about this on another post, so I’m just going to move on…
    I’m with gagafied and jacknjack on the video as well — while it’s not horrible, it’s not great either. The editing is totally choppy and disjointed; for the first couple of minutes I seriously thought I was watching a vodka commercial.
    But good for her for having a bigger video budget!

  3. I have to say… was always on the fence about GAGA until now… by far best video… and one of her most intricate songs to date… the first time i heard the song (and the second time) thought WTF is this junk… but after a couple of plays was enthralled… portraying love as a disease but one that we should welcome… accepting the “sick”ness that is love… accepting the darkness of the ones we love instead of running at the first sight of craziness… and the homage to hitchcock (“I want ur Psycho, ur Vertigo shtick, want your in my Rearview Window, baby your sick”)is ultimately what cemented the song for me! and in terms of the video, just the simple fact that it’s set in the Bath Haus of Gaga… hats off to her!

  4. That’s how I felt! The chorus is nice, but overall it doesn’t show off her voice and yeah, the video is all over the place.

  5. Um. I don’t get it.
    I love gaga, but anyone can just dress head to toe in the latest mcqueen ensemble. That is lazy styling.
    There are far too many themes going on here for the sake of it, it left me a bit baffled actually..
    Am I the only one?
    Don’t get me wrong, I want to love it, but I just don’t think she’s hit the nail on the head with this one… It’s kind of messy, and IMO it’s certainly no ri-ri “disturbia”!
    (and whats with the bad thriller impersonations?!)
    Not cool, sorry.

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