!! OMG, so right now: Pet hair fashion !!

I know most of us don’t like to think of our pets as fashion accessories, but it’s still okay to coordinate outfits with your dog when you go out on the town. The knitters at Pet Yarn Chic can turn your cat or dog’s fur into a piece of hand-knitted couture.

And you need an accessory to complete the look. Visit Catty Shack Creations to have your cat’s fur spun and knitted into a little, hairy purse. Simply Purrrrrfect!
(via Inhabitots)

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2 Comments on "OMG, so right now: Pet hair fashion"

  1. I enjoyed watching the video where a lady is making a beautiful hand bag out of a cat’s fur.

  2. There is a woman who buys my Gromit’s hair from the groomer.
    The groomer gets about $50 bucks from the woman, and I do not have to pay much of a grooming bill.
    That works much better than me, brushing him out and making retarded disguises like mustaches for him.

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