!! OMG, someone got plugs: Jude Law !!

It’s either plugs or Photoshop!
Remember what he looked like pre-plugs after the jump.
Thanks Mr. S.


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6 Comments on "OMG, someone got plugs: Jude Law"

  1. Who cares? He is so hot no matter with hair or not.

  2. Pretty boy anyway you look at it!

  3. If he has plugs, fine.
    AT LEAST he didn’t “join” the dreaded Hair Club for Men!!!!!
    A friend “joined”, and now sports a dead raccoon look-alike on top of his head.

  4. If my career were in large part based on the fact that I am a very good looking guy, and I were going bald, I would get plugs, too. Don’t be hatin’ on Jude Law- at least he got them done by a professional!

  5. God…what a big deal has been made of Jude’s hair for the past 9 months! I guess it makes sense that people who don’t really feel that good about themselves to take shots at a man who is infinitely more handsome than them…I get it. Anyway, Jude is gorgeous…gorgeous face, gorgeous body…nothing will change that.

  6. no_cute_nickname | July 25, 2008 at 2:04 pm | Reply

    I’m thinking it’s photoshop. Either way, he looks better with more hair, so more power to him!

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