!! OMG, start your engines: Justin Bieber’s Drag Racin’ DUI Mugshot has arrived !!

Justin Bieber was arrested last night for a DUI, drag racing (non-Ru related), and resisting arrest (police officers received only minor scratches and slaps to the arm). According to the Daily News:

Bieber, 19, was arrested at 4:11 a.m.
For his DUI charge it’s going to be a combination of alcohol and narcotics.
The singer was stopped near the 300 block of 41st St., near Pine Tree Drive in Miami. He was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini and going “up to 60” miles per hour in a residential neighbourhood where the limit was 30.
“He basically didn’t want to comply with none of the officers on the scene, questioning every order that they gave him. He wouldn’t take his hands out of his pockets.”
“He was very uncooperative with the officers at the scene, using profanity.”
“There are five tests – I believe he failed all five of them”

Two things we can all take away from this is:
A) Never drink (or narcotic) and drive.
B) She surely wasn’t born with it. It was the Maybelline.
Let the artistic tumblr mugshot interpretations begin, after the jump!

[images via tumblr]

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