!! OMG, stinky heroes: super hero stockings !!

What if you had a lard-ass torso with a pimply head and a lazy eye but super hero legs [just like me], well now you can with these super hero stockings. You may as well draw chiseled facial features on your knees because these pop-socks with capelettes are totally perfect for your mismatched lower limbs. The divine Pride look du jour is naked all over apart from caped batman sockies, accompanied by your twinkier friend who is only donned in the sidekick Robin equivalent.
You guys will super-troop around the parade like you are the super shit, and if you need to get the hell out of there when you’ve seen your 100th drag queen in a fluffy loufer-dress, you can always don your batmobile scates and flap off to the safety of your totally-not-gay cave…together…no homo!
[via laughingsquid]

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