!! OMG, suck it: ‘True Blood’ character goes gay !!

TV Line is reporting that — thanks to seeing a preview of the fourth season premiering June 26 — one of the MAJOR heretofore heterosexual characters on True Blood goes gay. So which one?! Lafayette’s obviously already gay, Pam is bisexual, and Eric seduced a dude… before killing him. So that leaves us with Bill? Sam? Omg, I can’t wait to find out!!!

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17 Comments on "OMG, suck it: ‘True Blood’ character goes gay"

  1. Sam or Jason would be my preference.

  2. Does it really matter? It’s just a distraction from the fact that this show is terrible. It started off so well, but now it’s morphed into Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a worse lead actress.

  3. I sure hope it’s Ryan Kwanten!! He’s the hottest one on the show!

  4. Please let it be Ryan Kwanten!! PLEEEEEEZE
    Closest thing to perfection in a man (at least where looks and public personality are concerned)
    Probably just a pipe (well…wet) dream 🙂

  5. Mike is correct. Vampires aren’t restricted by the same rules of so-called morality due to religious beliefs as humans are so naturally there are no social stigmas when it comes to a vampires sexuality. Because of this I doubt they would make a big deal about any of the vampire characters being “gay” since it wouldn’t be shocking. I believe it will be Tara for sure. She’s been scorned by every guy she’s been with on the show. They will probably go for that whole cliche about women going gay because they dont trust men anymore. I wanna see what kind of creature she’ll be shacking up with this time. My money is on a ghost XD.
    Personally though I wouldn’t mind seeing some more male on male action! Let’s see Alcide and Eric fuck!!!!!! Then Bill shoul join in for a threesome 😀 and while we’re at it Sam and Jason can join in the fun!

  6. for some reason I feel it’s Tara, it’s the only character in such distress where the season left off that she would try to find what fits in her life or what not..unless one of the humans gets bitten by a Vamp so naturally they’ll have the hots for their master and turn upside down for them,

  7. I’m sure it will be a female character because the world really needs is more girl-on-girl…

  8. It Alcide

  9. Gotta agree, after what she’s been through, it’s gotta be Tara!

  10. It must be Sam…season 3 opened with a dream of Bill telling him is is hard and asking for him to join him in the shower…

  11. Claude is gay but he is also a faery. Tara already has a gay cousin, too much gay. Bill is a vampire, all vampires are bisexual. According to the books, eric had a lot of gay sex with his maker who was a fat bearish guy not godrich so go ahead a fantasize you big bearish guys. Jason is not gay. Sam dates a girl. But what happened to his boy next door of a brother?

  12. I would say that i reed the $ season book and now one turns gay !

  13. I agree, smart money is DEFINITELY on Tara.

  14. I agree with Carl. TV tropes would indicate Tara, who has only been hurt by men, would therefore turn her affections to the warm embrace of a woman’s bosom in hopes for a better sex life.

  15. I’d put money on Sookie.

  16. I’m going to say due to personal preferences I hope it’s Jason.

  17. The smart money is on Tara, isn’t it?

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