!! OMG, SUN~STROKE: Alexander Skarsgård’s FF !!

OK, so we’ve seen his dungeon bum before and we’ve seen him slathering on the TRESemmé shampoo suds [looking all “professional & affordable”] and now, in the 6th season -geez it took long enough, I think I stopped watching about 18 seasons ago- of True Bored True Blood we get to see Vampire Eric reading in the buff!

Jump below where you can see Alex getting sunstroke and his NSFW sunny strokeable penile page marker…oh hon, I would piss right on that if I saw it was busting out ALL BEACH-BRÛLÉE !

[via BOM, Thanks J!]

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7 Comments on "OMG, SUN~STROKE: Alexander Skarsgård’s FF"

  1. It’s true what they say about white guys.

  2. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!! I’d slob on that knob like corn on the cob! My only critique is I wish he had a little bit of pubes. Not a full bush but def not prepubescent-like as it is. It’s time this shave off all the pubs trend goes the way of the dinos!

  3. Totally agree w/ Jakeoff …. It’s just so cool when a mainstream GUY isn’t afraid to get naked … Women do it all the time … Hell if I look like some of these guys my ass would be out all the time … If they did it more it wouldn’t be such a big deal … Kuddos Mr. Skarsgard and all the Sexy Boys @ Trueblood …. Much Love

  4. When he actually got up out of the chair and showed us his peen I screamed. It’s perfect. Even better than I had fantasized

  5. Not the best view with him hunched over and soft and on fire, but I always appreciate when a mainstream actor shares a view with the audience, and that wasn’t a quick one-frame peek either. Certainly looks doable too.

  6. He is fucking beautiful. I would love to suck his cock.

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