!! OMG, ‘Survivor’ penis flash: Marcus Lehman !!

Thursday night on the very first episode of Survivor: Gabon, contestant Marcus Lehman‘s penis fell out the fly of his underwear (to which he stripped down the moment he set foot in Africa) while he was running during an immunity challenge.
It was quick, but definitely visible and CBS did not blur the frames at all. See the NSFW stills and an amazing animated GIF after the jump.

Here Marcus is being seduced by the gay in his tribe:
Look at the bulge struggling to break free:
And there it is:
This time moving:
(Image Source 1 and 2)

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30 Comments on "OMG, ‘Survivor’ penis flash: Marcus Lehman"

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  2. in survivor 7, ryan opray’s dingy was also exposed without cbs blurring it. search it, it’s cute.

  3. Um, he’s sexy.

  4. hoo my gush..
    i really wanna see male celebs naked pics and clips.leonardo de caprio,tom cruise,beckhem,etc

  5. I agree with all the positive responses. The rest of you can only hide half your stretch marks. Work it baby!

  6. damn hottie i wanna see dans he is so freakin hott i would do so much with him marcus looks hung but would like to see more if anyone has pics of naked men like zac efron,dan,marcus,channing tatum or paul walker or david amerman send to my email [email protected] thanx

  7. Yummy!! I do not watch the show, but suppose I will need to start.

  8. Francis X. Bushman | October 3, 2008 at 6:13 pm | Reply

    Not very impressive in my estimation.

  9. showmeyourhot | October 3, 2008 at 5:09 pm | Reply

    Dan next please. 😀

  10. My question: Why did the parents stare at underwears on the show?
    I know those parents who complains, are perverts!

  11. Hey Marcus! Nice dick. Great career move!

  12. Very nice:) I wonder what it looks like hard?
    Although I enjoy seeing penis, especially his, takes the mystery out it. I liked using my imagination when looking at his bulged in his underwear:)

  13. I hope Charlie get his man

  14. well i hope he’s a ‘grower’

  15. am I the only one who thinks CBS knew all about this and leaked it to create buzz for the 17th installment of the show? why else would we still be talking about this show?

  16. Nice….its wierd that they did not blur it out. Especially after the Janet/justin fiasco.

  17. Beautiful. One of the main reasons why I love your blog to bits.

  18. Seriously…this is so stupid, but i totally love it!

  19. He looked cut from the outline in the underwear while I watched Survivor on TV. This confirms it.

  20. This is why your blog is my home page!!!! Awesome!!!!

  21. Very cute- and nice dick, too…wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of it.

  22. They rejected the Janet Jackson fine a long time ago, and attributed to an over zealous FCC

  23. So if Janet Jacksons tit flash gets $500,000 fine(we all have tits) how much is this gonna get? How many people will complain & be traumatized by the head of a cock? Nice!!!

  24. ahh he is soo fucking gorg!!
    i just watch the tivo’d survivor from thursday and didn’t catch that, but omg i did notice his bangin’ bulge! def one of the hottest survivors ever! 😛
    lol. loves it!

  25. From the movie Juno, “I Love It When They Run Like That… In Those Shorts… All I See is Pork Swords!”

  26. i loved it of course, but one has to wonder where all the right wingers are now? janet jackson showed a nipple on t.v.and the world stopped spinning for right wingers, my guess is this, in my humble, but usually right opinion, they loved it as much as i did because it was a penis instead of a womans nipple, and are keeping thier closeted mouths shut for a change.

  27. That’s rather amazing footage. Kinda cute to see the penis come out for a breather.lol

  28. so hot i love floppy dicks.

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