13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Rafael Nadal"

  1. lets go and stay in bed all day

  2. Spread those cheeks, sweetie. Show us the prize.

  3. what a glorious ass!

  4. I wonder if he’s got a lot of curly brown hair in his crack…?

  5. Well damn, dude has badonkadonk.
    I must have been sleeping on this.

  6. Finally the ass in the flesh.

  7. Hot ass. Way over Djoker and Fed in this anatomical aspect! Yummo!

  8. WOW!!!!

  9. more!! more!! hopefully there would be more line up of naked picture’s of those other famous tennis player dudes.hey!!!! cant blame me i’m just human LOL
    just a ladyboy that just wants to see some somethin somethin

  10. HOT! Great ass. And I second the Feliciano Lopez request!

  11. Oops….lol
    I love that ass…but then..I am an assman…Yum

  12. OK, not a bad butt; but the whole package is kinda meh…

  13. I’ve always said he has the best ass in tennis. Runner up? Feliciano Lopez! Got any of him?

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