!! OMG, synth bliss: ‘Make It Better’ by Gentleman Reg !!

While we’re making New Year’s resolutions, let this song be a warning or a lesson: “Here I go again: falling in love with a one-night stand.”

Gentleman Reg brings us “Make It Better,” a bubbly and bittersweet pop treat brought to neon life in a retro fantasy video directed by Kevin Hegge.

The song is available on Reg’s album Leisure Life, which you can purchase on iTunes or Bandcamp.

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1 Comment on "OMG, synth bliss: ‘Make It Better’ by Gentleman Reg"

  1. Reg is such a wonderful artist, so it made me cry to see that this video has only received 500+ views – and the other one for the same song filmed at Hart House has a similar viewership.
    But, I have long ago realized that my musical tastes are pretty far from “mainstream”.
    I wish Reg all the best and hope that he can keep doing what he loves for a long, long time.

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