!! OMG, temporary secretary: Willam for Frontiers !!

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Willam’s currently working on a book which she promises is going to be “a little bit of Sedaris combined with Butt magazine and some Allure“. She’s working hard on it as she insists she doesn’t agree with the “highway robbery” of other queens selling overpriced merch to their fans.
She sat down with Frontiers to discuss her seventh grade book review of RuPaul’s Autobiography which her teacher refused to mark, compensating for an ‘imperfect’ face with a rockin’ body clad in labels, and hanging out in Dubai ‘Sex and The City’ style with Detox and Vicky Vox:

“Here’s the thing about Dubai…Detox is going to get beheaded. I’m gonna get sold into a harem, hopefully for rubies, and Vicky is gonna get a fatwa–and yes, that is also a weight-related joke…My burqa is knee-length, so I should be fine,”

Read the inteRu in it’s entirety HERE and see Willam’s face-compensating body after the jump.


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