!! OMG, thank you Westboro Church: For the 44K !!

“We’re here. We’re queer. We take it in the rear!” — that’s the chant comedian Lisa Lampanelli started in Topeka, KS when she promised to donate $1,000 for every Westboro Church protester that picketed her show. Forty four protesters showed up. $44,000 of Lisa’s dough went to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis.
(via Joe.My.God.)

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7 Comments on "OMG, thank you Westboro Church: For the 44K"

  1. Haha, I think the key to get rid of these trolls is to ignore them, they LOVE the attention they are getting. But brilliant idea.

  2. HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA suckers. I love this. More people need to strike back at these POS’s. Kudos to LL for thinking outside of the box!

  3. hey Drew,
    Thanks for your comment! I couldn’t agree more. We’d love to hear more from you whenever you feel the urge.
    xo Frank

  4. Good for Lisa!!
    Folks like those at WBC take pleasure in hating. There is nothing good or Christian in their mind set or behavior.
    Love asks only ‘to be’. And so long as we respect those in our lives, help others when we can, give love honestly, own up to our mistakes and learn from them, be a voice for those who cannot speak, be the legs for those who are weak…… well just my opinion, that gives Our Creator joy in our being and that’s all that matters; right?

  5. Longtime reader, first time commenter. I’m not a huge Lisa Lampanelli fan, but this idea (be it hers or a publicist’s) is brilliant. Unlike more extreme counter-protests, this doesn’t bring too much attention to WBC (which they love). Because money is being donated per protester, each of them is being turned into one of the so-called “fag-enablers” that they hate. Love it!

  6. WBC claimed on their website that they had 48 people, so she just rounded it up to $50K.

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