!! OMG, The Empress’s New Clothes: Palin’s Wardrobe !!

Grand Old Party indeed! Looks like sister-friend Sarah Palin has done pretty well with a $150 000 new wardrobe courtesy of the Republican Party. Take that, What Not To Wear, with your measly $5 000 budget!
THIS article reports:

The expenses include $75,062 spent at Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis and $41,850 in St. Louis in early September. The committee also reported spending $4,100 for makeup and hair consulting.

So much for relating to Joe Six-Pack’s and his SunIce ski-jacket or Suzi Tequila Rose and her bangs that she trims with a lighter.
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4 Comments on "OMG, The Empress’s New Clothes: Palin’s Wardrobe"

  1. It confirms her connection with Joe six-pack. No one had to take Obama, Biden, McCain, Clinton clothes shopping. But they had to take Palin to get her upscale clothing for the campaign. They had to take her because she did not have the money or interest in not dressing like Joe Six-pak. (But had to run in to wal-mart to buy diapers).

  2. That can’t be all in the tailoring, can it? To me she looks like she’s lost some weight too — Pilates? Thermage?

  3. Yeah, I know, its not PC….but you gotta ask yourself, Did she buy any lipstick?

  4. I am not a fan of Gov. Palin and her doggone lies, but that outfit on the right is hot. Her new wardrobe is the only good $100K that the RNC has spent in years.

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