!! OMG, the full performance: ‘Glee’ covers ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ !!

The brotherly love (read: sexual tension) on Glee‘s return episode next Tuesday is so ripe, I’m ready to pluck to damn thing already. Oh, Matthew Bomer

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5 Comments on "OMG, the full performance: ‘Glee’ covers ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’"

  1. I’ve listened to this twenty times. It’s musical junk food and it’s tasty. While they’re easy on the eyes I can’t help but think these guys are brothers.

  2. I haven’t seen an episode of this show but my suspicion has always been that it would take people who had a “look” and would force their thin voices into presentability using electronic gimicks like voice layering and amplification of whispers give the impression of vocal range. In other words they’d use the same methods used by the products, oops, artists, on the top 40. It’s mirrored in the legit theater world in which most performers can’t be heard without being mic’d and pitch-corrected.

  3. yeah that song was kind of awkward for two brothers to be singing to each other.

  4. Bomer is super hot. Glad he’s on our team.
    Darren Criss, however… put a bag over it. Blaine is such a saccharine and boring character I both get diabetes and fall asleep whenever he’s on screen.

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