!! OMG, through the fog: The Hidden Cameras’ “Gay Goth Scene” Video !!

The Hidden Cameras have just released their video for their first single off their upcoming new album, AGE.
“Gay Goth Scene” which sheds light of a parent’s narrow-minded perspective of their gay goth son, has been a part of the band’s live show since 2002, and they usually break it out around Halloween time! The track was recorded by Ohad Benchetrit (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think) and was finally completed with the otherworldly vocals of iconic Canadian singer Mary Margaret O’Hara.
AGE will be released early 2014 via Outside Music, and DON’T WORRY, GOTH KIDS! IT GETS BETTER! As an adult you will still be paying straight handsome jocks money to kiss their feet, but it will totally be your choice and really fun this time!

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  1. Kid is cute!

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