!! OMG, the irony: Larry Craig !!

Check out this wonderful 1999 clip of Senator Larry “I didn’t mean to touch your foot under the bathroom stall, Officer” Craig chastising Bill Clinton for being a “nasty, bad, naughty boy.” (via Feyfriends)

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3 Comments on "OMG, the irony: Larry Craig"

  1. OMG he totally wants Bill Clinton.
    “you nasty, bad, naughty boy”

  2. As an Australian, I looked into the issue. It seems, no matter where you are…there are people who allow themselves to indulge in homosexual activities by night, yet by day decry the “evils” which are “inherent” in the gay community. It reeks of these people being able to have their cake, and attack others if they want a slice. It’s not just an American issue. It’s global, and the gay community suffers for it.
    And Kevin Rudd’s antics weren’t NEARLY as interest as Larry Craig’s. 😛

  3. That was incredibly well-rehearsed on his part.
    I’m more than likely missing out on the whole cultural/political context, being an Australian swimming in southern-hemispherian ignorance.
    I wish our senators placed that much emphasis on showmanship. Ours just swear drunkenly and attend strip clubs.

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