!! OMG, The Oscars Super-Selfie! But what really crashed Twitter? !!

If after 4 bottles of wine, 6 bong hits, and 3 bricks of cheese it still didn’t make sense that the ‘selfie’ above (sponsored by SAMSUNG!) crashed Twitter last night — then let’s shed some light on the situation! Things are not always as they seem…
YES, enough glamour was present, Lupita Nyong’o was gorgeous in her ethereal and plunging blue Prada gown, but there was an even more powerful, beautiful rhinestone, hidden in the rough! The TRUE reason Twitter crashed! A deeper shade of blue, hidden just back a little further — it was LIZAAAAA!1966670_10153896862580187_1144124076_n.jpg

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2 Comments on "OMG, The Oscars Super-Selfie! But what really crashed Twitter?"

  1. Tanks were rolling into Ukraine and this was the #1 news story for the next three days!!! Don’t let the lives of loser foreigners get in the way of a bunch of Hollywood millionaires patting themselves on the back for the tenth time this year.

  2. I felt like an outsider at a “Cool People Only” party.

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