!! OMG the role of a lifetime: Nomi Malone !!

I was talking about one of Frank’s favourite movies the other day, Showgirls, and someone mentioned that they do midnight screenings of this classic film a la Rocky Horror Picture Show. I went online to IMDB to find out what happens at these screenings and inadvertently found out about a few celebs who also auditioned for roles in the movie.
Apparently CHARLIZE THERON auditioned for the part of Nomi Malone! As did Jenny McCarthy. Sharon Stone and Finola Hughes (of the terrible “How Do I Look?” makeover show that I watch every day) auditioned for the highly coveted role of Crystal Connors.
I bet Charlize is thanking her lucky stars that she didn’t do that movie. Then again, she did do Mighty Joe Young…

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3 Comments on "OMG the role of a lifetime: Nomi Malone"

  1. what not to where! i cant stop watching that terrible show!

  2. If you really wanna kill an afternoon, check out http://www.notstarring.com. It’s addictive as all hell.
    Drew Barrymore was up for Nomi too, but couldn’t manage the dancing. Sit back and picture that one for a sec.

  3. Aw… I liked Mighty Joe Young!

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