!! OMG, The Senator Has No Clothes !!

The race for departed and beloved Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat is heating up in a big way, with formerly nude Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown’s entry into the race.
I’m sure Mr. Brown will win no votes from OMG Blog readers. In fact, I think you guys will really hate him: not because he is a Republican attempting to desecrate the Kennedy office, but because when he posed nude for Cosmo back in the 80’s he somehow managed to do it without displaying even the barest inch of politician peen! Not even any crack either! And know how you guys hate that.
I’m putting Brown’s centerfold shot after the jump even though it’s not really naked. (No need to point it out, ok?) I have to say that although I would never ever do it with a Republican pig, this guy (even now!) would probably be my first choice if I had to pick one. Okay, I’d actually do it with him for an appointment to some kind of judgeship. Call me easy!

So typical of a Republican to withhold the good stuff like this, right?
(Via Gawker and Boston.com)

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11 Comments on "OMG, The Senator Has No Clothes"

  1. No Repubs. They hate themselves and us.

  2. are the nasty, bigoted comments about someone’s political affiliation really necessary ??

  3. OK, OK. A new acronym–Bmad, are you writing this down? NBNP “Nude, But No Peen (prick, penis, pud, projectile, pee-pee, penile, package, pecker, phallus, pisser, piss-pump, poon-pounder, Pope John-Pole III, pussy-probe, poop-probe, insert yours here __________)”.

  4. Well, we don’t see his full measure as a man. I just assume that all Republican men are pencil dicks which deny with their homophobia and generally, blinding rage. The current crop seems to feed on hysteria and denial. Boys, there is nothing wrong with being a drag queen. Go for it and be happy.

  5. Grow up. This “oh i would never fuck a republican” bullshit is childish. You’ve probably fucked plenty of Republicans and never even knew it.

  6. I’d do him and then email Perez Hilton with the details

  7. Michael – it’s cause some readers think if there isn’t peen it doesn’t count. And while it’s not as good, it still does!

  8. Genitals are not visible because he is a republican and has none.


  10. DILF! I’m a staunch liberal, but my interest in him is purely sexual, so it’s OK, right? I’d do him in a minute.

  11. I don’t understand this “not really naked” disclaimer you put up sometimes. The picture are of naked men, as the men are not wearing any clothing; it just happens to be that their genitals are not visible.

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