!! OMG, the truth: About unreturned texts !!

Nothing stabs the heart quite like an unreturned text message. “It just didn’t go through,” you tell yourself. Or, “He’s probably caught underground in a freak subway accident…OMG, I HOPE HE’S OK!” But in truth, your dude is most likely ignoring you or, at best, too busy saving kittens from a flash flood to respond right away. To fully understand why you’ve been left textularly hanging, see below:
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(via College Humor)

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2 Comments on "OMG, the truth: About unreturned texts"

  1. incredible! LOL that’s what happens everytime!

  2. I’ve never figured out text addiction. For me, texting is for when you DON’T want to have a telephone conversation. I’m rarely looking for a fast response when I text, I’m just imparting information. Do people really get neurotic about how well their texts are received?

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