!! OMG, the turkey dump: Thanksgiving !!

I always heard about the “Turkey Dump” heading into university – that magical weekend when you come back from your first few weeks at school to be dumped by your boyfriend cause he’s figured out that there’s lots more tail in college than your ass could ever give him. Luckily I didn’t have that problem cause you can’t get dumped when you’re alone. Waaaa.
Anyway, THIS ARTICLE from The Onion reminded me of those days:

NEW YORK—For the fifth straight year, Jordan McCabe will return home for the holidays and spend the night before Thanksgiving running into every smug and unlikable asshole he ever went to high school with, the 26-year-old reported Monday.

It also made me thankful that I’ve already had my Thanksgiving up here in Canada. I hate family gathering holidays. I’m already dreading Christmas. I don’t know how you Americans do Thanksgiving and Christmas within a few weeks of each other. In any case, have a good Turkey Day down there! Don’t kill your family!

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