!! OMG, there are children starving in Africa: New ‘FOODIES’ Documentary Trailer will make you gag !!

I’ve always thought the word “Foodie” was really gross and totally tack. BLEGH. There’s something about the term that totally makes my skin crawl, and this new trailer for a documentary around people who consider themselves “foodies” is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I feel like Parker Posey is supposed to pop into frame at any second, but it just never happens…
You can’t but help feel for these people while they sit there in a seemingly lonely existence, chewing with their mouths open, giving that shallow approval-nod over a blowtorched scallop laying on a rock. If I ever turn into one of these assholes, please turn up at my work, and slap me cold across the face. As a thank you, I will take you for the nicest dinner you’ve ever laid eyes on.
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3 Comments on "OMG, there are children starving in Africa: New ‘FOODIES’ Documentary Trailer will make you gag"

  1. Foodies make me vomit ! They are just a bunch of priveleged ( ie rich ) “gringos” that can afford to be lazy and not spend the hours involved in working to grow and cook a meal for a family. Most people in the word eat what they can afford to… the foodies take from their centuries old traditions and beat themselves on the chest for doing it better…in a restaurant of course !!!

  2. I consider myself a foodie, but I am no where near the level of a bougie snob who eats alone. I’m more of your Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives kind of guy who loves to find that hole in the wall place that’s an amazing secret of the city.

  3. This is both funny and hostile, interesting

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