!! OMG there goes my childhood !!

I think I’ve found the two most painful things I’ve ever seen. The runner-up for that dubious distinction is the above video of “The Roadshow Players” performing a dance routine to the song “Puff the Magic Dragon”. I like when the one guy yells “Puff” out of nowhere, and the red-head with man-boobs sneezes and then pretends to cry during his big solo.
But I only came across that video because I was looking for video of the Puff the Magic Dragon movie after savvy reader Kathleen sent me a hot tip. The link she sent led me to a gallery of photos of a man with a very high threshold for pain who had Puff tattooed somewhere very sensitive. Apparently it was the gent’s first tattoo.
If you’re brave, have a look at the NSFW photos after the jump.


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5 Comments on "OMG there goes my childhood"

  1. re: the video, Star Wars trumpet (https://omg.blog/2007/10/omg_im_speechless_such_talent.php) was worse.

  2. Okay, What the hell, It’d be a great conversation starter at parties!

  3. Wow. Now I wonder if he pisses fire?

  4. it defiantly gives the person who pleases him . . . something to look at

  5. I’d hate to be his dick when he’s 80.

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